“Our experience with Cynthia has been nothing short of wonderful. Our very first meeting to create a modern, upscale, bungalow left us breathless and dazzled by her brilliant and practical design ideas. Cynthia captured the essence of what our architect had proposed and our personal taste perfectly and was able to create an exciting and functional environment.

Throughout the design process, Cynthia demonstrates an impressive level of expertise, professionalism and humility. She is always prepared for our meetings, equipped with a fine tuned selection of aesthetically appropriate design choices. She’s calm, poised and focused. Her clarity on what the space requires for the best outcome is educational, inspirational, invigorating and fun. Cynthia is steadfast in the execution process and demonstrates an exemplary attention to detail, a welcome attribute appreciated by the most discriminating client.

Cynthia is fun, gracious and kind, intelligent and tasteful. She interacts with suppliers in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

My wife and I look forward to a very long and mutually rewarding relationship with Cynthia as she continues to transform our living spaces into beautiful, inviting and memorable spaces.”

“This is long overdue! Over 2 years ago, Cynthia provided her fabulous interior design creativity to our home renovation project. What was remarkable about the whole experience was that she took the time to get to know my wife and I, our taste, style.

She helped us revise the architects interior floorplan so our space worked and functioned better for what we really needed.

Although it was a truly collaborative process, her keen eye for colour directed us to think about colour combinations that we wouldn’t have selected on our own.  She also knows how to “trick” the eyes into believing a space is bigger than it is, purely with placement of colour, and awesome lighting.

By mixing our ideas with her own, she was able to tie all areas of our house together into a seemless living space that is modern, warm and inviting.   After months of renovation, Cynthia made the whole house come together.

For us, Cynthia was the best investment of our entire home renovation project”.

We met Cynthia through our son and daughter in law who were doing a major renovation on a bungalow they purchased in Oakville. They loved working with her and the end result was amazing.

So when we decided to downsize to a luxury condo in Mississauga that was still under construction we automatically hired Cynthia to help with all the details.

She was our liaison between us and the builder for all the changes we wanted to make in our suite (electrical, lighting, washroom and kitchen revisions).

She also helped us select all our finishes through the builder and selected the paint for each room so that everything flowed.  She even did a furniture layout drawing for so we could see which pieces of existing furniture would fit in our new space.

Working with Cynthia made everything easier.  Our suite is beautiful and exactly what we were looking for.  We would highly recommend Cynthia for any home renovation or building project.