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Hi! I’m Cynthia, designer, problem solver, and the person who helps you pull it all together so that your space flows and looks amazing.

Hiring a designer no matter what size your project is always a good investment.  Why?  Because a designer can guide you through the process, give you advice on things you may not have thought of and produce an end result that looks amazing.

I can’t tell you how many times a client has said to me ‘Huh, I never thought of that’ or ‘Oh, I totally forgot about that’.  Can you imagine spending the money to update your kitchen or bathroom and realizing after that nothing is really where you want it to be or that you forgot something?

Even if you’re just painting, having a professional come in for a few hours to select colours and where they go can make a huge difference.

So when is the best time to hire a designer when getting your project underway?

Before you hire anyone else!

In any kind of renovation, there are a thousand decisions to make, finishes and lighting to pick, electrical locations and floor patterns to do.

As a designer, I think it’s best to do all that before a contractor starts work.  That way they are pricing your work properly and with materials already on site you’re out of construction dust much faster.  Why?  Because the contractor isn’t waiting for materials or decisions on what goes where.

As one of my awesome clients said…

For us, Cynthia was the best investment of our entire home renovation project

When I work with clients I like to make the process fun and as stress-free as possible.

Are you ready to start your project?  I’m here to help.

Send me an email message below and lets chat about your renovation dreams.

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